$3000 Cash Prize Video Contest

For you the creative people, take part in this contest. They Might Be Giants make a new compilation album and it includes the track Am I Awake?.

To help raise awareness of this great song, They Might Be Giants is going to have a video contest open to all video people, film people and general visually-minded people who are open to the challenge!

contest name:  the Am I Awake video contest

ends on:  april 7th

you'll get:  There will be 3 winners. $1000 cash prize to each winner.

eligibility:   the song on http://bit.ly/1evUfSB
 Poetry, not prose. No see/say. Please make it beautiful, bold, stylish, contemporary, psychedelic, mind-bending. Transparency effects are nice, startling and beautiful imagery is nice, motion graphics can be exciting.
Live action, animation, multi-media–anything is possible.
If there is any humor we would suggest it should be the deadest of the deadpan.
The topic should not be John and John, and representations of the band are discouraged.
All imagery must be original. Incorporating copywriten images will disqualify your work

To join: All submissions must be uploaded in HD on Vimeo.com with password protection before the contest deadline. You must then send us a message via email to  videocontest@tmbg.com and be sure to include a direct link and a password along with your full name, email address, and phone number (strictly for contact purposes should you be chosen as the winner — we promise not to telemarket our t-shirt collection to you).

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