Kontes Foto Pumpkin patch hadiah Shopping Voucher 300 Ribu

yg mau ke plaza indonesia atau mall kelapa gading, jgn lupa utk mampir ke pumpkin patch store buat foto-foto ya, buat diikutin dlm kontes ini. ayo buruan

nama info lomba terbaru:  pumpkin patch styling contest

deadlinenya:  12 oktober 2014

pemenang dapat: 3 best photos and most likes will get IDR 300,000 pumkin patch shopping voucher

syarat beserta ketentuan: follow @pumpkinpatchid on instagram

utk ngikutin lomba ini caranya: go to pumpkin patch store (plaza indonesia / mall kelapa gading) and take a piv of our collections
create a pic collage of a full attire fashion (top totoe) and give the best title of your creation
upload the result on instagram and dont forget to tag 5 og four friends and mention @pumpkindpatchid with hashtag #ilovepatch

yuk +1 +Lomba Apa Saja

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