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jawab tiga varian nama hadiah belanja

ayo jawab pertanyaannya dan raih hadiahnya.

giveaway indonesia: taokaenoiclub giveaway 

deadline: 11 April 2021

hadiah: 10 pemenang yang beruntung berhak mendapatkan voucher belanja total senilai Rp1.000.000,

cara ikut lomba: 1. Wajib follow akun @taokaenoiclubid dan like postingan ini.
2. Jawab di kolom komentar @taokaenoiclubid
3. Ajak 3 teman Kamu untuk ikutan kuis ini
Kuis ini hanya berlangsung di Instagram @taokaenoiclubid

banyak giveaway lainnya di sini
arsip lomba sebelumnya 

Lomba Tanya Jawab Bahasa Inggris Siswa SMP, Hadiah 1 Rp 800 Ribu

Join this junior high school student competition organised by SMAK 1 penabur jakarta. Battle of brains is a competition where each team will be competing to answer questions on general knowledge within the scope of national and international like social, politics, economics, entertainment, science and cultural issues in English.

This competition is designed for people with broad knowledge, fast action and self–confidence. The objectives of this competition are to challenge the participants in order to sharpen their general knowledge and English, as well as amplify their knowledge in everyday life. It will be held on Sabtu, 12 Oktober 2013     Pk. 08.00 – selesai and Minggu, 13 Oktober 2013     Pk. 08.00 – selesai

contest:  Battle of brains

it will end on:  1st October 2013

prizes you can get:  1st winner : Rp 800.000,00 + Trophy + Certificate
        2nd winner : Rp 650.000,00 + Trophy + Certificate
        3rd winner : Rp 500.000,00 + Trophy + Certificate

requirements:  One team consists of three participants.
Each team should be accompanied by a teacher.
Each participant should wear school uniform.
The registration fee for each team is Rp 150.000,00.
The walk – out fee for each team is Rp 50.000,00.
The walk – out fee will be refunded in the end of the competition unless the team cancels their participation.
The enrollment will be closed if 20 teams have enrolled.
Every team has to provide a contact person.
Every team shall be present during technical meeting.

To join: CP:Steven (085880944119)

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