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Singaporeans Contest - Win S$500

show off your balance and join this singaporeans photo challenge to win prizes worth up to S$500. Are you ready to get started?

competition name:  eu yan sang's singpore contest
deadline:  september 13, 2013 at 6pm singapore time

prizes:  5 x Weekly Winners: Vouchers each valued at S$50
10 Finalists: Vouchers each valued at S$60

Grand Prize Winners (most voted from 10 Finalists) prizes each valued as follows:
-1st Prize: Most voted Grand Prize Winner ( from 10 Finalists ) prizes S$500
- 2nd Prize: 2nd most voted Grand Prize Winner ( from 10 Finalists) prizes S$250
- 3rd Prize: 3rd most voted Grand Prize Winner ( from 10 Finalists) prizes S$120

requirements: open to singapore permanen residents and singporeans, 18 years and above

To join: snap a photo of yourself balancing, then upload on eu yan sang fan page, and invite your friends to vote your entry

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