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Beasiswa S1 ke Inggris Tahun 2017, Dapet £25,000 per tahun

nih buat yg berminat sekolah ke Inggris ada yg ngasih beasiswa. Buruan dah yg mau ikut. di lombaapasaja ada banyak beasiswa

beasiswa online : International Excellence Scholarship 2017 entry by st Andrews University

deadline: 16 March 2017

besar beasiswa: 2 awards of £25,000 per year for duration 4 or 5 years – depending on the degree applied for. To cover tuition fees and a contribution towards living costs

syarat ketentuan: Geographical criteria: International
Domicile for fee status: International
Level of study: Undergraduate
Year of entry: Entrants in 2017
Subjects: All excluding Medicine
Schools: All excluding Medicine

Only available to students entering first year of an undergraduate degree.
The Selection Committee seeks applicants who are gifted students with academic excellence.  The successful scholars will be expected to fulfil an ambassadorial role and represent the University at a number of events.
You will be required to provide a statement of motivation in support of your application (not more than 200 words). This should include your reasons for applying for the Scholarship, explaining how you would expect to benefit from the opportunities the award provides, and describing how you think you might contribute to the community while studying at the University of St Andrews.
You will also be required to provide two references; both an academic and personal letter of recommendation (not more than 200 words each). The academic reference could be from a teacher, college counsellor or someone who knows your academic capabilities well. The personal reference should be given from a non-family member who will serve as a personal character reference. For example an academic advisor who is aware of your personal attributes, a current or former employer, senior staff member in an organisation where you have volunteered.

cara ikut beasiswa: access it through here, apply to a new course then you can access Scholarships and Funding

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