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design contest 2018 win royalties contract

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online design contest 2018:   COBRA re-loaded

deadline:    15 May 2018

prizes:  1st prize creation of the lamp using the texture proposed, production through royalties contract
2nd prize a Cobra 50th Anniversary lamp
3rd prize a Cobra lamp. 


 jury comprised of:
Paola Navone architect
Cristina Morozzi jornalist
Luciano Galimberti President of ADI
Massimo Farinatti Coordinator of ADI’s Designer Department
Emiliana Martinelli e Marco Ghilarducci respectively President and CEO of Martinelli Luce .

how To enter:   Every proposal must be correlated by a motto proposed by the participant. The
related documents must not bear the name of the designer or allow his/her
identification in any way.
Every proposal must be accompanied by the data sheet annexed to these
contest regulations (see Annex 2), filled in and signed (by the individual
designer or by all the members of the group, indicating the group leader), and
it will be the only document to establish correspondence between the proposal
and the project. The identity of the designers shall be kept separate from the
projects until the winning proposal is chosen.
The projects must be sent via certified email to:
in one single file in .PDF format, max size 8 MB, by and no later than 12
o’clock midnight of 15 May 2018.

The file name must coincide with the chosen motto, pursuant to the following
In a separate file, it too in .PDF format, the data sheet must be sent in (see
Annex 2) together with the previous file, filled in and signed, containing the
motto and the identity of the designer. The file name must be composed
pursuant to the following syntax:

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