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Global Digital Art Competition 2018, win $11,000

Join the Global Digital Art Competition 2018. no free art competition. you have to pay the entry fee. Open for international artist. Art contest for money. prize $11,000  is availabele

online competitions 2018:   lumen Prize call for entries

deadline:     June 1, 2018.

prizes: total $11,000   
Gold Award $4000
Moving Image Award $1000
Still Image Award $1000
3D/Interactive Award $1000
VR/AR Award $1000
Founder’s Award $1000
People’s Choice Award $500
The BCS Artificial Intelligence Award $1000
The Meural Student Award $500

requirements: Any artist, anywhere is eligible to enter 

how To enter:   entry fee: US$47.50 for two works and US$23.75 for each additional work

enter at
looking for uk competitions? check it here

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