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kontes foto instagram 2018 hadiah jutaan

tahun 2018 mmg penuh berkah buat fotografer karena banyak lomba terbaur yg berlangung. nih lagi salah satunya

info lomba: lomba foto jakarta post 2018

deadline: april 22, 2018

hadiah:  Prizes:
First prize: Rp 3 million
Second prize: Rp 2 million
Third prize: Rp 1 million.
syarat ketentuan:

cara ikut lomba : Theme: “Breaking Boundaries”

1. Participants must follow @jakpostimages on Instagram.
2. Participants should repost this announcement banner on their personal Instagram and Facebook account, while tagging three of their friends to encourage them to join the competition.
3. Participants should then upload their thematic photograph to their Instagram account while sharing it on their personal Facebook account.
4. Participants should include the 5W + 1H (who, what, where, when, why and how) information in their photograph caption.
5. Participants must write their photo captions in English.
6. They also have to include the following hashtags on their post: #JakPostHeadliners, #JakPostBreakingBoundaries, #JakPost35th.
7. Participants may not retag photos. They may, however, repost photos from their personal accounts.

jangan lewatkan juga lomba menulis dan foto hadiah 50 juta

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