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WA Research Awards, win $50,000 per research proposal

win $50,000 per research proposal provided by WhatssApp. Join now, research and grab the funding

new award contest 2018:   WhatsApp Research Awards for Social Science and Misinformation

dateline:    August 12, 2018, 11:59pm PST.
Award recipients will be notified of the status of their application by email by September 14, 2018.

prizes:   awards of up to $50,000 per research proposal.

requirements: Applications must be written in English and include the following:

- A research title, identification of the Principle Investigator (PI) and their institutional affiliation for the purposes of the proposed research;
- A brief program statement (double-spaced, 12 point font, not to exceed 5 pages) that specifies the proposed work. This statement should include the following elements:
- specification of question(s) being asked;
- clear statement of the methodology together with examples of when/where this approach has given research insights;
- plan for any data collection, analysis, and/or conceptual work;
- description of the expected research outputs and findings;
- relevance for our understanding of user experiences in online environments.

- A 1-page bio and CV for the PI together with selected publication references. Summary bios of any other team members or collaborators.
- A clear statement of the budget requested.
Preference will be given to research conducted in countries where WhatsApp is a prominent medium of communication (India, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, etc.).

Preference will be given to proposals from researchers, or collaborations with researchers, based in the country/countries being researched.

WhatsApp will accept applications from researchers who hold a PhD. In exceptional cases, we will review applications from individuals without PhD's who have shown a high-level of achievement in social science or technological research.

The award is restricted to social science and technological research that contributes to generalized scientific knowledge and its application. Documentaries, journalism, and oral history projects are not eligible.
Awards will be made to an awardee's university department, research institute or organization; all applicants must therefore be affiliated with an organization that supports research and can process external funding awards. All awards will be made in US dollars.

Proposals may be submitted by individuals with no prior experience in social media or Internet research. We welcome proposals from researchers who seek to expand their research portfolio into the area of information and communication technologies.

All award recipients are strongly encouraged to attend the two WhatsApp workshops associated with this program. Travel and accommodation will be arranged and paid for by WhatsApp.

The proposed research should be carried out by the date of the second workshop, in April 2019. Presentation materials that comprise the final report should be written in English and made available for WhatsApp and the other award recipients by the date of the final workshop. All rights to these materials will be held by the award recipient.

Once awardees have accepted their awards, WhatsApp will publicly share the details of the selected applicants by posting a summary of the results together with the PI's name and the title of the proposal on the Facebook Research blog. This information may also be included in other presentations or posts relating to this effort. 

how To enter:   you can apply at

more awards you can check at

WhatsApp invites award recipients to attend two workshops:

The first workshop will provide awardees with a detailed introduction to how the WhatsApp product works as well as context on the focus area of misinformation. It will also enable participants to receive feedback from WhatsApp research staff and invited guests on their research proposals. We hope this will facilitate international collaborations across researchers and teams in this area. The tentative date for this event is October 29-30, in Menlo Park, CA.

A second workshop will allow awardees to present their initial research findings to WhatsApp and other awardees, providing an opportunity to contextualize their findings with each other. Our hope is that upon completion of the research, award recipients will seek to share their research with the wider public. Tentative date is April 2019, exact date will be updated on this page at a later time.

WhatsApp will arrange and pay for the travel and accommodation of one representative from each awardee. This will be in addition to the research award amount.

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